The Major Suit of the Tarot

Center Suit

When people consider the magic and the symbolic power of the Tarot, which is responsible for its huge impact on many generations, they usually think about the 22 cards of the major suit. Without the major suit we would have a deck similar to the normal playing cards: a convenient means for games of chance and for popular fortune-telling, but not something which could motivate centuries of preservation, development, interpretation and creativity as the Tarot cards have done.

the world tarot
The World

The relationship between the major suit and the four minor suits can be seen symbolically in The World card, which is the last one of the major suit. In its corners there are four living creatures taken from Biblical tradition: bull, lion, human, and eagle. These can symbolize the four minor suits and the four domains of life which are body, desire, emotion and intellect. The four figures define a solid rectangular frame, which also brings to mind the regular structure of the four suits. The dynamic element appears in the middle, in the form of a naked figure dancing within an oblong wreath. In the Tarot deck, it can represent the major suit. In the human sphere it can symbolize consciousness, which unites the different functions into a single entity.